Koh Samui

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Covering an expanse of 250 square kilometers, Koh Samui is the largest island in an archipelago of over 80 islands off the East coast of Southern Thailand. However, it's worth noting that the majority of these islands remain uninhabited. Koh Samui, au large de la côte Est dans le Sud de la Thaïlande est la plus grande île d’un archipel en comptant plus de 80, cependant, la plupart de ces iles sont inhabitées.

It ranks as Thailand's third-largest island, trailing only Phuket and Koh Chang. Situated within the Surat Thani province, it lies approximately 60 kilometers to the west, accessible by ferry.

Moreover, it was uncovered by the initial wave of tourists in the early 1970s – backpackers who had to make do with bungalows lacking electricity and running water. The local population primarily sustained themselves through fishing and coconut plantations.

Koh The term "Koh" translates to "island" in Thai. Here, you'll immerse yourself in abundant tropical vegetation, stunning waterfalls, picturesque beaches, and a plethora of Buddhist temples to explore on two wheels or by car.

Koh Samui Koh Samui has risen to become a top-tier destination in Asia. Today, it boasts a robust reputation as a tropical paradise, attracting visitors of all kinds and solidifying its position as a must-visit destination.


Haggling forms the foundation of nearly all commercial interactions in Thailand, where set rules don't exist. You'll find it easier to secure a favorable price when buying multiple items. And most importantly, always keep smiling!


Haggling isn't the norm at well-established franchise chains like 7-Eleven in Thailand, as well as in restaurants, gas stations, and upscale hotels. On the other hand, it's common practice in most establishments within beach resorts.


Tipping isn't a widespread custom, but it's customary to leave small change from a larger bill at restaurants. Some establishments automatically include the service charge in the bill.

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